Patrick Carney's MLB Predictions (SPIN)

SPIN// Patrick Carney's MLB Predictions

What’s your prognosis for the season?
As a Cleveland sports fan, you learn to have faith. Blind faith sometimes. I hope we make the playoffs.

Is the team’s window completely shut with Lindor gone?
I don’t think so. Teams like Cleveland have to have great farm systems because they know they can’t afford the talent once the rookie contract is up. It’s the part of baseball I hate the most, losing players that feel like they are the team.

Do you have confidence in the team building moving forward? Also, what are your thoughts on the team changing its name?
I’m perpetually optimistic for Cleveland. I was a fan in the late ’80s so I believe I’ve been through the worst era as a fan and watched them turn it around a few times. I’m always rooting for the underdog.

I am cool with the name change. I hope they don’t pick the Cleveland rockers or something like that. I think the Cleveland Fellers would be a cool name…

What are your reasonable hopes? What’s the ceiling/floor?
My hope is 90 wins and a Wild Card slot.

Who is your player to watch this year?
Triston McKenzie.

Will they make the playoffs?

What’s your World Series matchup?
Anyone but the Dodgers and Yankees is cool with me.

If things are safe, would you go to a game in-person this year?


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